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    • 23 Jul 2015
    • 11:45 AM
    • The Rivers Club

    Supply Chain Finance:  The Critical Success Factors

    In today’s dynamic global environment, maintaining a strong and efficient financial supply chain is critical. In addition leading organizations as well as their key suppliers consider working capital as key metrics for their financial health, and growth of their company. Supply Chain Finance solutions help to improve both: working capital and the global supply chain between trading partners.  A few months ago the Obama administration started to focus on such financing solutions to optimise working capital for US based companies and launched the SupplierPay initiative.

    The session will provide answers to why financing of working capital is becoming more and more important for companies and what are the latest developments in the market. The presentation will provide insights in the White House SupplierPay initiative and show some examples and guide the audience through the different options available. The audience will learn about the key Supply Chain Finance processes and critical factors to provide the most success for any financing program.



    Dan Juliano

    As the Senior Vice President of business development, Mr. Juliano is responsible for identifying and developing PrimeRevenue’s global strategic partnerships. Mr. Juliano has also been a key member of the team involved in the design and development of PrimeRevenue’s OpenSCi suite of products and services that offers a comprehensive portfolio of working capital and cash flow optimization solutions.

     Prior to joining PrimeRevenue, Mr. Juliano worked for software companies bringing to market B2B solutions such as ERP and Supply Chain Management, eProcurment and integration. Mr. Juliano received a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh.

    • 17 Sep 2015
    • 11:45 AM
    • The Rivers Club

    To be announced

    • 19 Nov 2015
    • 11:45 AM
    • The Rivers Club

    To be announced

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